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Moths Eastern Netherlands


We have set up a standard working method for moths. You can read this below:

1. When organizing (in de facebook group) if there are restrictions on the number of people who can be present in the area on an inventory evening (we want to avoid unnecessary disruption).

2. When there are such restrictions, it is important that the organizing group consults in advance about how many host butterflies can help (in addition to its own inventors).

3. If people from the organizing group will be present anyway, indicate this in the description. Then name the number of people who can participate in addition to those people (register via the event in this group).

4. Members of your butterfly group who don't have Facebook can of course come along (as long as there is room) but please indicate the names at each event. The same applies to bringing along an interested person who is not (yet) part of one of the affiliated groups.

5. If an activity is "full", the order of admission is: 1. names in the description of the event (including organizer), 2. persons who have indicated that they will definitely participate, 3. persons who have indicated that they may participate to go. If you or someone from your group has not registered you, but the maximum number of participants has been reached, that's a pity. Hopefully you'll join us next time.

6. For activities with a number restriction, registration (and timely cancellation if you are unexpectedly unable to attend) is required.

7. As soon as an event is definitively recorded (sometimes shortly in advance due to weather conditions), the organizing group will post a list of attendees.

8. Always check whether you are on the list and whether the event is definitely going ahead before you set off.Furthermore, there are no rules regarding the frequency of events organized by your group (of course always in consultation with the site owner/manager). It is mainly about fun discovering together where we collect useful data at the same time (but we have to do this in a responsible way).

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