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Nachtvlinderen Oost-Nederland

Since 2022, the platform 'Nachtvlinderen Oost-Nederland' (NON) is officially part of the NICHE Foundation. NON was founded in 2016 to facilitate exchange and collaboration between individual moth researchers and working groups. Three working groups (Vlinder working group IVN Deventer, Butterfly working group IVN Zutphen and Insect working group IVN Hardenberg) have joined the partnership as a whole and together with the 'loose' volunteers, the platform has about 50 members. NON carries out research in nature reserves of, among others, Staatsbosbeheer, Landschap Overijssel, Stichting IJssellandschap and Marke Gorsselse Heide. The NON social media channels and website are managed by Jari Kampjes and Hilco Huizing.

Involved parties (NON, AWON, BWON)

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