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'Nature in the Vechtdal' projects

Facebook group managementNature in Hardenberg,Nature in OmmenandNature in Dalfsen(the three Vechtdal municipalities) is carried out by employees of NICHE and Nature Activities Center De Koppel. Also the pageGreen Agenda Vechtdal is a joint project. NICHE takes the initiative for the three groups (with Thirza Wesselink and Julian Overweg as managers) while the Green Agenda Vechtdal is maintained from De Koppel (with Miriam Gerrits as manager).

Species of the Month
Every month in the municipality of Hardenberg, a (always changing) species receives special attention. The basis lies with texts written by the writing team (which, in addition to Thirza and Julian, consists of Jari Kampjes, Wendy Langemaat and Sylvia de Vries) and photos by Ron Goosselink. Ariane Kamerman is the driving force from De Koppel. In the building, each calendar month has its own physical section that forms a sort-of-the-month wall. Each of the twelve contains an abbreviated text, the photo and objects related to the organism being exposed.

The texts and photo also have a prominent place on it a number of times a year the Species of the Month appears as a recurring column in De Toren; a weekly regional newspaper with a circulation of 60,000 copies. Omroep NOOS also participates in the project by devoting a fixed day every month to the species on the Kabelkrant (region TV) where members of Natuur in Hardenberg provide the photos that are posted (mentioning the photographer). The coordination of the photo exchange between Natuur in Hardenberg, NOOS and De Koppel is provided by Thirza. 

In addition to the monthly messages, De Kabelkrant publishes all kinds of beautiful or interesting nature photos from the group. Tineke Eilander (Editor-in-Chief at Omroep NOOS) actively approaches group members for permission.

Nature in Hardenberg magazine

The first edition of the Nature in Hardenberg magazine will be published soon. Four of the writers from our team contributed to this. The project was initiated by Nature Activities Center and Carnation Point De Koppel,Information point Hardenberg en IVN Hardenberg-Gramsbergen. Photos have been actively submitted by the members of the Facebook group 'Nature in Hardenberg', to which the magazine is linked.

Involved parties

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