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Lepidoptera of Qatar


There is not yet an official catalog on the butterflies (Lepidoptera) of Qatar. From 2014, NICHE employees have registered biodiversity data in the Arab country and in recent years butterflies have also been collected for the scientific collection of Naturalis.

Jolynn van Duffelen in particular has done a lot of pioneering work for this. The intention is to produce a basic publication. At Naturalis, Erik van Nieukerken (entomologist) is involved and the practical support of Rob de Vos (collection manager) is really appreciated.

During the 2022 NICHE-Qatar expedition (Jolynn van Duffelen, Ron Goosselink, Sylvia de Vries, Julian Overweg) special attention was paid to butterflies and an inventory was made of what is flying around at various points in the country. LepiLED and ML-Lamp were used for this, among others.

All observations are recorded

Field data NICHE:Jolynn van Duffelen, Ron Goosselink, Julian Overweg, Sylvia de Vries.

Identification contributions:  Harm Alberts, Frank Böinck, Cees Gielis, Hilco Huizing, Vladimir Hula, Ramon Hulsbosch, Jari Kampjes, Rayan Majoor, Erik van Nieukerken, Thirza Wesselink.

Impression of the plates

Involved parties

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