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Global Bat Project


With the help of Batloggers and Echometers, the NICHE Foundation collects sound recordings of bats at various locations (apart from regular fieldwork). This data will be donated to Observation International (, and

Each sound recording is equivalent to a bat sighting (date, coordinates and time are automatically linked to the digital file) so that they can be imported as such. We now have a dataset of tens of thousands bat observations from The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Norway, 

United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia ,Croatia, Turkey, Cyprus, Qatar, Oman, Marocco, Senegal, The Gambia and Sri Lanka.

Field data NICHE: Tienes Bouwman, Jolynn van Duffelen, Robin Gerritsen, Ron Goosselink, Jari Kampjes, Herjan Overweg, Julian Overweg, Rutger Overweg, Sylvia de Vries, Thirza Wesselink.

Identification contributions: Nils Bouillard - Barbastella Echology (, Stuart Newson - BTO (

Involved parties

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