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Documenting Chorthippus jutlandica

Jutland, Denmark

Chorthippus jutlandica

Fogh Nielsen, 2003
EN: Jutland Bow-winged Grasshopper

There's an unique grasshopper living in the west of Denmark: Chorthippus jutlandica (Jutland Bow-winged Grasshopper). The species was first validly scientifically described by Fogh Nielsen in 2003 and is only known from the Danish province of 'Jutland'. That makes this insect one of the few endemics of this Scandinavian country.

Its hybrid origin also contributes to making this species interesting. The song somewhat resembles Bow-winged Grasshopper Chorthippus biguttulus, but that species does not occur in this part of Denmark (anymore). However, the related Common Field Grasshopper Chorthippus brunneus is present. This has to do with the fact that their song is a determining factor for the survival of these species. When a female is not interested in the sound produced by the male, copulation will not take place.

How the complicated puzzle works can be read in Interspecific hybridization between the grasshoppers Chorthippus biguttulus and C. brunneus (Acrididae; Gomphocerinae) (Gottsberger, 2008).

Because no sound recordings of the Jutland Bow-winged Grasshopper could be found in public locations on the internet, NICHE employees paid a visit to its habitat in the summer of 2022.

Several specimens were observed and in addition to sound recordings and photos, video material was also made.

The field data and documentation is recorded on

Field data NICHE: Julian Overweg, Carina de Vries, Johan de Vries, Sylvia de Vries.

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